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Tips for Friendship Troubles

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Feeling excluded, managing virtual friendships, bullying, and popularity, are just a few of the issues that have come up in our sharing circles and conversations with concerned parents. We love our girls but we don't always know how to help them with these challenges. That's why we'll be hosting a free virtual workshop for parents on "Tips for Friendship Troubles: Helping Our Daughters Build Strong Friendships" on Dec. 3.

You'll learn:

- 3 key steps to stronger friendships

- How to use 7 Habits to transform relationships and friendships

- Q & A to address your specific issues and concerns

Your speaker: Yollanda Zhang, OCT (Ontario Certified Teacher)

Yollanda Zhang is the Founder/Director of Girl. Strong.

She is a former engineer and high school math/physics teacher. She is passionate about helping children to achieve their fullest potential.

Being an only child, building friendships is an important part of Yollanda's childhood and adulthood.

Yollanda is an avid learner about everything parenting and education related.

Here's an interview with Claudio Rojas, CEO of NACO, where Yollanda discusses her passion for helping girls.

Click HERE to register for the event.

This is a FREE event to offer support to our amazing community of parents. Girl. Strong. is a nonprofit supporting girls in underserved communities (currently, over 25% of our participants are joining with subsidies), it would be wonderful if you are able to contribute to our scholarship fund through our charity partner, TFSS (Toronto Foundation for Student Success) using the link below so we can continue to provide financial subsidies and program access.

Donations of any amount will be eligible to receive the following prizes* (while quantities last) given to us by our generous supporters:

1.$50 certificate to Panda Mandarin (Presenting Sponsor)

2. $50 gift card to Charmed Aroma (Gold Sponsor)

3. $25 certificate to Continuum Wellness (Silver Sponsor)

4. Infinity Scarf ($30 value) from Henkaa (Silver Sponsor)

*Please be sure to forward your donation receipt and your choice of the prize above to You'll receive a confirmation of the prize shortly after the event.

Click HERE to find out more about the course.

Hope to see you on Jun 6th!

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