to teaching young girls the skills to

Girl. Strong. 

is dedicated

know their own value and how to build on it to create their own future. This multi-faceted program was inspired by an amazing grandmother, a strong little girl, and professional experience working with young people ranging from toddlers to teenagers. The program is designed to empower young girls between 6-12-years-old to realize their true potential without external validation or permission.

In our current digital world, 70% of young girls experience low-self esteem, and 30% experience anxiety and depression from the high increase in socialization through social media. The constant flow of images dictating how girls and women should look, act and behave sets a normalized impossible standard for girls to live up to. With such a dramatic rise in mental health, it’s time we empowered our girls to know themselves, their value, and their own voice.

With 37% of American 4th graders believing boys are smarter than girls, and 17% of American 4th graders believing a man would make a better boss than a woman (a statistic that typically increases amongst young women of Asian, Black or Indigenous descent), it’s critical we support our girls to see themselves as future leaders and young women.

All young women should embrace who they are, define their own future, and live a life they love.

Our Mission

Empowering young girls everywhere to become limitless women.

Our Vision

That every girl fully realizes their own incredible potential, to live an unstoppable life they dream of, without limits.


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