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Founder's Letter

I am a mom, a teacher, an engineer, an innovator, and entrepreneur on a mission to enable our girls to grow up without limits. I have developed a foundations course that is tailored to the needs of each girl; because everyone has different strengths and opportunities and both need to be celebrated. When I see a need, I try and create a solution to meet it. The ways I’ve done that prepared me with the tools to impact the lives of girls through Girl. Strong.


  • High school math and physics teacher who has seen how teens can struggle because of problems rooted in childhood

  • Mom who started a Mandarin language and math school to prevent her daughter and other children from losing their heritage language and to help them develop a love of math at an early age

  • As a female engineer, I ran outreach programs for girls to encourage their interest and confidence in STEM careers

  • My corporate and Toastmasters instructor experience gave me the skills to teach leadership and entrepreneurial mindset as well as a network of influential mentors

  • Professional training and certifications in Six Sigma, leadership, communications from General Electric, Landmark Worldwide, Disney Institute, etc.


I created Girl. Strong. to plant the seeds of confidence and destroy the roots of self-doubt that develop at a critical age – around 6 years old. Our vision is for every girl to fully realize their own incredible potential, to live an unstoppable life they dream of, without limits. I’m so excited to see what incredible lives these girls will live!

Yollanda Zhang

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