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Program Details 

  • Course starts June 6, 2021

  • Lifetime access to recorded content. ($297 value)

  • Live Zoom session on Sundays at 3:30pm-4:30pm starting June 6th, 2021($150 value)

  • Questions can be posted and answered daily ($150+ value)

  • Friendship Toolkit: Book on friendship troubles, friendship journal, and printed friendship worksheets ($65 value). 

  • 1 group coaching call for parents ($150 value)

  • 30-min private coaching call with me ($75 value)

  • Priority registration for Part 2 at the same price (savings of $50+)


Total Value: $937

Total Investment: $547 + HST (savings of $390)

Topics Covered 

Week 1: Who has control over your feelings? Circle of Control

Week 2: What do you need in a friend? What's a "marble" friend?

Week 3: What are these feelings? Jealousy, left out, best friend?

Week 4: How to work out issues between friends

Week 5: Friendship Vision and next steps

The Friendship Toolkit will be shipped before class starts.


*Please note, all prices are in Canadian Dollars and subject to 13% Harmonized Sales Tax.

*Please note that all program times are EST

Meet the Teacher...

Teacher: Yollanda Zhang, OCT (Ontario Certified Teacher)


Yollanda Zhang is the Founder/Director of Girl. Strong.


She is a former engineer and high school math/physics teacher. She is passionate about helping children to achieve their fullest potential.


Being an only child, building friendships is an important part of Yollanda's childhood and adulthood.


Yollanda is an avid learner about everything parenting and education related.


1. Can I set-up a payment plan?

Definitely! Please email me directly so we can set it up. You can pay a small amount to reserve your spot AND take advantage of the promotion.


2. If I want to sign up for both of my daughters, can I get a sibling discount?

Yes! We have a 10% sibling discount.


3. I'd love for my daughter to attend but we're going through a tough time financially. How do I access financial subsidies?

We definitely have this available for any families needing financial support. Please fill out this form here and email me to let me know. I may not get an alert otherwise.


Other ways I can support you and your daughter(s):

1. Book a free 15-min meeting with me to discuss the next steps

2. 7 Habits and Mindfulness Virtual classes

Have more questions about the course or not sure if it's right for your daughter? 

Contact us today and we'd be happy to chat!

Email us at:

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