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Summer Camp - "Discover My Superpowers"

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

It sure feels like Summer these days!  This photo below is of my daughter two years ago running around the neighbourhood in her Super Girl cape without a care in the world.

She doesn't do that anymore and it makes me feel sad...

Looking at this photo (and watching a kids show about superheroes) inspired me to create a Summer camp theme all about "rediscovering" and "strengthening" the superpowers that are already in our daughters. Yes, camp is only for girls (8-12 years old). First 10 registrants will receive a special Girl. Strong. T-shirt.

The theme of the half-day camp will be - "Discover My Superpowers" - where each day I'll help the girls uncover and strengthen a superpower they already have such as kindness, gratitude, inner peace, creativity, and balance. There will also be physical activities such as yoga, indoor and outdoor exercise (if possible) sprinkled during our time together everyday so it’s not all sitting in front of the screen. Superheroes all have an origin story so... The girls will do a comic strip of themselves as a hero with the daily superpower and at the end of the week, they'll present their comic as a superhero’s origin story.  Here's the daily schedule (may change slightly from day to day): 9:30am - Kick start each day with mindfulness 9:45am - Lesson on superpower of the day 10:30am - Physical Activity & Snack Break 11:00am - Creativity Time - daily superpower comic 11:45am - Sharing/Presentation & Goodbyes You can register for Summer Camp and June classes (offered on June 5th and 12th) using the link below.

To Register:

  1. Please fill in the registration form here and add how many children will be joining the class/camp as well. 

  2. You'll receive the Zoom link for joining the class before the start of class/camp. Please do not share the link. Note: If you're not able to pay any amount, please send me an email letting me know your circumstances. 

10% of total revenue collected will be donated to our charity partner, Toronto Foundation for Student Success, to help provide programming for children in underserved communities in Toronto. Our "Girls for Girls" initiative directs funds from paid programs to help run pro bono programs and teaches important lessons about giving.

PS. Please help me help more families and "rate your experience" for our virtual classes. 

Many thanks,

Yollanda Zhang

Founder/Executive Director

Girl. Strong. 

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